Application Process

There are 3 steps required to apply to the Cove Fund:

Step 1 - Fill out the Company Information form with the requested information. This is a simple online form.


Step 2 - Download and complete the Executive Summary Template. There are more detailed instructions on the form.

Please review the examples below for guidance on building your own Executive Summary:

Step 3 - Upload your completed Executive Summary.

Please note: The schedule for Prescreens and Member Meetings is posted on our Events page. To be considered for an invitation to a Prescreen, you should submit your application no later than two weeks prior to the Prescreen date.


If, after presenting to the Cove Fund at a Member Meeting, you are selected to proceed to due diligence, you will need to complete the following questionnaire within one week. Please familiarize yourself with this form and be prepared to meet this deadline.