Cove Fund II

Cove Fund II has made investments in these Southern California technology and life science companies.



Lynx Biosciences is a San Diego based company with a unique platform for cancer cell testing in conjunction with immune cells; they are initially targeting response to chemotherapy agents in multiple myeloma and other blood cancers.


FreightPOP is subscription enterprise-class shipping & logistics software product. It is the best way to manage shipping and logistic functions. It help shippers streamline their operations.

3D Live

Los Angeles-based 3D Live is pioneering the future of out-of-home entertainment with awe-inspiring immersive experiences based on its patented “holographic” 3D LED display technology. The Company serves the live events, theme park and cinema markets.



KAST creates immersive experiences that gamers can leverage in competitive play to give them the ultimate strategic advantage.

KAST Command Center™ enables the real-time visibility, communication, and management of teammates through audio, visual, and social solutions to help gamers craft and execute strategies during competitive game play.


We're a company that loves to help entrepreneurs grow their business. We build pretty awesome cloud technology that helps businesses stay connected with new and repeat customers, and back it up with our heroic Customer Success team. We're on a mission to help millions of local businesses connect with their customers.

OnSite Waste Technologies

OnSite Waste’s core product, the TE-5000, eliminates much of the cost, hassle, and risk of the traditional medical waste pick-up service. OnSite allows medical practices to take full control of their regulated medical waste with a simple, easy to use machine, the TE-5000.


We’ve developed a patent-pending platform that uses geo-location, dynamic picture alteration and reward fulfillment all wrapped into pretty products that delight users.


Daasity’s platform is revolutionizing how companies access and work with ecommerce & direct-to-consumer data. Daasity enables companies to leverage the power of a data warehouse; it imports, transforms and analyzes data from key commerce, media and shipping sources to provide a singular point of truth. Additional predictive analytics tools are in development to help D2C companiess more effectively manage their business. The technology takes what used to be an expensive and time-consuming project and replaces it with a fast and affordable solution.


Visgenx is developing therapeutics for dry Age-Related Macular Degeneration, a condition with no approved products, that affects over 150 million individuals worldwide and is one of the leading causes of loss of vision.  Our products in development include a fast to market approach using a repurposed drug and follow-on gene therapy solutions.


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